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At InterTradeIreland, we expect the same level of integrity and business conduct from our academics/industry specialists as we do our own people. Knowing, understanding, and behaving according to this Code of Conduct is a fundamental requirement for working with InterTradeIreland.

Code of Conduct

  1. Hold in the strictest of confidence any and all information of a confidential and sensitive nature and not to disclose in any way directly or indirectly any such privileged information to any person or persons that may damage or cause any loss to the first party or in any way erode the integrity of the InterTradeIreland Programme Service and the relationship with small businesses.
  2. Not to gain professionally, financially or personally from any information received in the course of any assignment you undertake on the programme.
  3. Only undertake the work necessary to achieve the objectives for the project assigned to me.
  4. Immediately disclose any personal, professional, financial or conflict of interest that arise.
  5. Be straightforward and professional in all my business dealings while engaged in any work on the programme.
  6. At all times to uphold lawful policies, practices and procedures and seek to enhance them in the interests of good practice.
  7. At all times to act in a manner which supports the overall objectives of InterTradeIreland.
  8. Ensure that you have in place the necessary professional qualifications, skills and experience to carry out the work assigned to me on the programme.
  9. Where required ensure you have current professional indemnity insurance in place (InterTradeIreland may from time to time ask for a copy of your insurance certificates and failure to disclose them will result in removal from the Business Explorer register).
  10. Refrain from soliciting companies on the programme for any commercial benefit or purpose. This in particular refers to any information yielded through interaction with small businesses that may identify issues within those businesses. This does not preclude the businesses from engaging a third party should they wish to do so.
  11. Not to engage with any party in respect of finders or referral fees. Any engagement in this area will result in immediate removal from all InterTradeIreland Panels.
  12. Use due diligence and exercise high standards of timeliness, appropriateness and accuracy in the information and advice provided to companies.
  13. Act within the law and not encourage, assist or act in collusion with employers, employees or others who may be engaged in unlawful conduct.
  14. Conduct all activities with the highest levels of integrity and ethical business behaviour at all times.
  15. Comply with all reasonable requests made by InterTradeIreland for information to assist an investigation into any possible breach of this Code.
  16. Comply with InterTradeIreland’s Data Protection Policy which reflects GDPR regulations. You should note that not only will you be required to comply fully with the policies, but also to ensure that any third parties or others within your organisation that work on the InterTradeIreland project or whom you share data with are also compliant with InterTradeIreland’s Data Protection Policy. Please see full details on our website:
InterTradeIreland reserves the right to remove any academic/industry specialist from the Business Explorer register if there is a failure to provide a high standard of work on the delivery of the project or any of the above conditions are not adhered to.
InterTradeIreland reserves the right to withhold payment to an academic/industry specialist until all work is completed to a satisfactory standard.
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