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Specialist Consultancy Support Scheme

InterTradeIreland can help via the provision of part funded specialist consultancy support to allow qualifying early stage companies to avail of the expertise of an approved service provider to secure SEIS/EIS advanced assurance.

Our support treats SEIS/EIS as a two-step process

  1. Advanced Assurance process: working with an approved specialist consultant re application form, HMRC checklist, cover letter, financial accounts, business plan etc (pre investment).
  2. Compliance Statement process: issuance of tax relief documents & other HMRC correspondence (post investment).

InterTradeIreland will cover the cost associated with Step 1.

Applicant companies are responsible for paying the appointed specialist consultant for Step 2.

How it works

  • Start-up company completes an online application for consultant support via InterTradeIreland.
  • Applications will initially be assessed by the InterTradeIreland Funding for Growth team.
  • Those companies that meet the criteria will be passed to the specialist consultant that the applicant company has selected from the list provided. (Application form and accompanying documentation will be sent securely to the specialist consultant).
  • The specialist consultant will determine if the company is eligible for SEIS/EIS advanced assurance. Please note that the specialist consultant will only be compensated for their work if / when the company secures advanced assurance.
  • If the specialist consultant determines that the applicant company should be eligible for SEIS/EIS advanced assurance a Terms of Reference will be agreed and the work can commence.
  • When evidence that advanced assurance has been secured InterTradeIreland will compensate the specialist consultant for the work carried out.
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