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See our listing of approved specialist consultants to secure SEIS/EIS advanced assurance.

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Swoop Funding Funding has helped SMEs and startups access funding all over the world for 5 years. We are an Irish company which has expanded globally. They have a dedicated team which helps startups find equity investment and ensure they are investor ready.
SeedLegals Ltdhttps://seedlegals.comSeedLegals is the UK market standard for companies raising investment,incentivising teams with share options, applying for SEIS/EIS, andmanaging their cap table. With 1 in 6 early-stage funding rounds closed on SeedLegals, and more cap tables and EMI option schemes set up and managed on SeedLegals than on any other platform in the UK, we're proud that we've transformed the way companies start, grow and scale. SeedLegals handles the vast majority of Advance assurance applications in the UK, and we have an overall 98% success rate (compared to 62% industry standard).
Sapphire Business Advisers Limited Business Advisers is the brand-new spin-out sister company of Sapphire Capital Partners LLP. Sapphire Business Advisers specialises in the SEIS/EIS industry, and provides support to entrepreneurs, start-ups and early-stage companies, enabling them to become “investor ready”. Our clients come to us because of our excellent reputation in the industry and because we put the client first and believe in acting with integrity.
Hill Business Growth Consultants Business Growth Consultants is a specialist tax consultancy focusing on start-up and early stage businesses and key associated services such as SEIS/EIS eligibility, R&D tax credit claims (UK & ROI), employee share option schemes and capital allowance claims.
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