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Seedcorn Regional Finalists announced

Seedcorn Latest Updates

The 2020 Regional Winners

The 2020 Regional Finalists

We are delighted to announce the 2020 regional finalists for the Seedcorn Competition. As always the standard was incredibly high and the judges were extremely impressed with all of the submissions. Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to everyone who participated this year. The winners from each region will go on to compete in our Seedcorn Final which takes place on the 26th November.

Connacht & LeinsterNew StartPositive Carbon
Connacht & LeinsterNew StartSoothing Solutions Ltd
Connacht & LeinsterNew Start

Hygiene Audits
Connacht & LeinsterEarly StageNUA Surgical
Connacht & LeinsterEarly StageEquine Medirecord


Connacht & LeinsterEarly StageFeelTect
DublinNew StartExamfly Learning
DublinNew StartReactEmo Limited
DublinNew StartBonafi
DublinEarly Stagee-Seed Crop Technology Solutions
DublinEarly StageXtract
DublinEarly Stage4Securitas
MunsterNew StartEmerald Isle Growershttps://www.emeraldislegrowers...
MunsterNew StartFeistim

MunsterNew StartSuir Analysis
MunsterEarly StagePixQuanta Limited
MunsterEarly StageGreat Ireland Experienceshttp://www.greatirelandexperie...
Northern IrelandNew StartZendra Health
Northern IrelandNew Start

Exrt Intelligent Healthcare
Northern IrelandNew StartGenoME Diagnostics
Northern IrelandNew StartVascVersa
Northern IrelandEarly StageSonrai Analytics
Northern IrelandEarly StageMortgage Propellerhttps://www.mortgagepropeller....
Northern IrelandEarly StageSonoTarg

Seedcorn Awards 2020: Regional Finals

Regional Finals

Munster, 3rd November

Judging Panel

Confirmed to date: Hal Wilson, Techstart NI; Paul Duff, HBAN; William McCulla, InvestNI.

Connacht & Leinster, 4th November

Judging Panel

Confirmed to date: Margaret Hearty, InterTradeIreland; Shemas Eivers, HBAN; Helen Kirkpatrick, Kingspan.

Dublin, 10th November

Judging Panel

Confirmed to date: Martin Agnew, InterTradeIreland; Orla Rimmington, Kernel Capital; Colin Reid, HBAN.

NI, 11th November

Judging Panel

Confirmed to date: Barry Downes, Suir Valley Ventures; Nancy Holland, HBAN; Donnchadh Cullinan, Enterprise Ireland.

All-Island Final, 26th November

Judging Panel

Confirmed to date: Ken Nelson, InterTradeIreland; Gillian Buckley, IVCA; Nicky Deasy, Yield Lab; Colin Henehan, HBAN; Alastair Bell, HBAN; Michael Dawson, One4All Gift Vouchers.

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