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  • Peter Sandys
    Managing Director - Seroba Life Sciences

    Peter Sandys is Managing Director of Seroba Life Sciences and the current Chairman of the Irish Venture Capital Association. Peter talks about the modern venture capitalist and the important role VCs have to play in the funding of R&D in Ireland.

  • Tom Shinkwin
    Partner - Enterprise Equity

    Tom Shinkwin is a Partner with Enterprise Equity, one of the leading VC funds in Ireland. Tom explains what VCs are looking for when investing in a company and offers key advice to companies about how to make a successful investment pitch.

  • Colin Walsh
    Managing Director - Crescent Capital

    Colin Walsh is Managing Director of Belfast based VC fund, Crescent Capital. Colin talks about what is key to making a successful investment in a company.

  • Niall Olden
    Managing Partner - Kernel Capital

    Niall Olden is Managing Partner with Kernel Capital, one of Ireland’s largest and most active venture capital funds. Niall explains how venture capital is a crucial source of funding for start-up companies. He also explains how the experience of VC investors can help companies through challenging times.

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