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Final call

Final Call for Horizon 2020 Funding Opportunities

Final Call for Horizon 2020 Funding Opportunities

Horizon 2020 is one of the world’s biggest Research and Innovation programmes. The initiative is coming to an end this year but there is still time to apply for the multi-million pound funds that are available.

True progress in innovation is often made through cutting-edge collaboration, that is why the majority of H2020 funding is aimed at consortia. North-south partnerships between Ireland and Northern Ireland have a relatively high success rate of accessing this type of funding, with €110m funding already secured by north-south H2020 projects.

Most H2020 calls close before the end of 2020 with an exception being the initial Green deal call which closes at the end of January 2021.

InterTradeIreland is encouraging the research community and highly-innovative SMEs in Northern Ireland and Ireland, to avail of this opportunity.

It’s also important to continue to maintain and strengthen relationships, during and post Brexit transition period negotiations.

Current H2020 funding opportunities can be reviewed by clicking on the link below:

Available Funding Opportunities

How we can help you

Applying for H2020 can initially appear daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are experts in Northern Ireland and in Ireland, who are contact points with sectoral insight to help prospective applicants. They can help advise you on your proposal.

Northern Ireland contact points

InterTradeIreland can also facilitate direct introductions. Please email for more information.

View our case studies to find out more about projects that have successfully secured H2020 funding.

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What other people say about H2020 and cross-border cooperation

  • Dr Vicky Kell
    Invest NI’s Director of Innovation, Research & Development

    Collaboration through the H2020 Programme is an excellent source of innovation and the development of new technologies and we welcome the continued opportunity for Northern Ireland companies to participate. Now more than ever our companies need to look to innovation to be competitive. H2020 will help them to foster close partnerships which will help them to innovate to grow and succeed in an ever changing global marketplace.

  • Garrett Murray
    National Director for Horizon 2020 at Enterprise Ireland

    Horizon 2020 is a platform for researchers and innovative companies across the European Union and beyond to work together to develop ideas, innovate and bring products and services from early prototyping to market. High levels of collaboration are very evident across the Island of Ireland where we see researchers north and south working together to compete and win research funding. Much of this success is supported by the great cooperation between the Horizon 2020 National Contact Points north and south

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