About Us

InterTradeIreland has been helping small businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland explore new cross-border markets, develop new products, processes and services and become investor ready over the last 20 years.

Based in Newry and with 40 staff, our services include supports for sales growth and innovation, business funding and business insights to SMEs across the island, North and South, looking to grow their businesses.

With the launch of our Brexit Advisory Service in May 2017, InterTradeIreland also helps companies to prepare for the British Exit from the EU through a range of supports and services suited to all businesses no matter what stage they are at with their Brexit plans.

We are a small organisation, with a big outreach. To date we have assisted over 39,000 businesses, created/protected 14,148 new jobs and have generated more than £1bn in business development value. Cross-border trade is currently sitting at its highest level for 20 years at €7bn.

Our focus for 2019 and beyond will be to build on this success.

As one of the cross-border bodies, InterTradeIreland, the Cross-Border Trade and Business Development Body, is funded by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation in Ireland (DBEI) and the Department for the Economy (DFE) in Northern Ireland.


How we help SMEs

Who We Work With

  • Manufacturing & Tradable Services Companies
  • Typically ambitious SMEs who have a satisfactory trading record

We are a small organisation making a big difference:

  • £1bn business development value
  • 14148 jobs impact
  • 1071 first time exporters
  • 916 first time innovators
  • 39,000 provided with assistance and guidance
  • 8,000 companies supported through programmes

Download copies of our corporate brochures below:

PDF, 546 KB, 7th May 2019

Details of InterTradeireland's Sales supports

PDF, 521 KB, 7th May 2019

Information on InterTradeIreland's innovation supports

PDF, 137 KB, 28th August 2018

Information on InterTradeireland's tender supports

PDF, 2 MB, 15th April 2019

Information on InterTradeIreland supports

PDF, 172 KB, 10th October 2018