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Cross-Border Trade – What you need to know

InterTradeIreland is hosting a number of free events to highlight the need to keep your finger on the pulse and be prepared to embrace the positive opportunities for growth accessible to businesses across the island.

Discussing trade opportunities for businesses of all sizes, these events will give businesses the answers needed to support future cross-border trade under the UK/EU Free Trade Agreement and the Windsor Framework and share the most up to date advice.

The aim of these events is:
  • To build awareness of the opportunity presented by cross-border trade.
  • To build confidence and ambition of businesses to start to export or to increase the volume of their exports cross-border.
  • To help businesses understand the regulatory and customs process for businesses new to cross-border trading in an easily understood way.
  • To provide an opportunity for businesses to engage directly 1:1 and face to face with InterTradeIreland’s specialist advisors on the day to get assistance with any pertinent trade issues.

Events will take place from 10am – 12pm followed by a networking lunch and will cover specific topic areas including Regulation, Employment, Customs and VAT.

Businesses will have the opportunity to meet one-to-one with specialist business mentors to receive free advice on the specific areas.

More dates to be added for 2024.

We have compiled a list of external trade events that are coming up soon which might be of interest to businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Visit Cross-Border Trade Hub Events to discover a range of training sessions and webinars and get details to find out more.

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