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North South Ministerial Council meeting
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InterTradeIreland attend the North South Ministerial Council

26 Apr 2024

CEO Margaret Hearty and Chair Richard Kennedy today joined the Trade and Business Development Sectoral Meeting of the North South Ministerial Council to discuss the positive impact of InterTradeIreland’s work and future opportunities in North South economic co-operation and collaboration.

At the meeting, a decision was approved to increase InterTradeIreland’s permanent head count.

Welcoming the announcement, CEO Margaret Hearty said:

“I would like to thank both Ministers for approving the decision to increase InterTradeIreland’s permanent staff numbers. It recognises our track record and our unique role in helping businesses across the island of all sizes take advantage of cross-border trade, innovation and collaboration. Cross-border trade continues to go from strength to strength and there are significant opportunities in common policy areas to build mutual prosperity and further advance both economies. I am confident that today’s decision will help to fully realise these opportunities, and I look forward to working with both Departments and our partners across the island.”

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