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AIIP Peter Robbins

Why it's a method that you can apply to any business

Design Thinking is not only for SMEs in the creative sector. It's an approach that you can use in any small business to help harness innovation.

“If you can create a product, service or experience that hits the ‘sweet spot’ of being desirable, feasible and viable, then you are right at the heart of innovation success. Design Thinking is a method that helps you get there.” That’s the view of Dr. Peter Robbins from the Dublin City University Business School .

In the fourth of the “Innovation Station” podcast series, Dr Robbins explains why the Design Thinking approach is used by 60% of Fortune 500 firms and how SMEs on this island are catching up.

Listen to the podcast below


In the shorter of our two podcasts we explore the highlights of the masterclass with Dr Peter Robbins.

In the longer of the two podcasts, we delve deeper into the masterclass with Dr Peter Robbins.

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