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Professor Oliver Gassmann ‘Business model innovation for post crisis growth’

Helping your business stay agile

Professor Oliver Gassmann is a world renowned innovation expert - he has taught at Harvard Business School and has been named as one of Germany's top economists. Currently he is the managing director of the centre for entrepreneurship and innovation in Switzerland.

In this 30 minute masterclass, Prof. Gassman will explore how SMEs can evaluate their existing business model to build more scope for innovation, giving them a competitive advantage post-pandemic.

This webinar is part of a series for InterTradeIreland's All-island innovation programme, and is designed to help SMEs develop resilience in the Covid-19 era.

Click on the video below to watch “ Business model innovation for post-crisis growth."

This video is a recording of a webinar – it is not live.

About the Speaker

Oliver Gassmann is a Professor of Technology Management with a special focus on Innovation Management.

His fields of research focus on Open Innovation and Business Model Innovation.

In addition to teaching at Harvard Business School, Professor Gassmann taught at Stanford University in 2012 and the University of Berkley, Haas School of Business in 2007.

All slides in the presentation belong to the speaker.

The all-island innovation programme aims to bring SMEs access to cutting-edge thinking, plus help to implement innovation in their business.

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