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Business Explorer - Plan: Eligibility Criteria

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for support under the Business Explorer - Plan, businesses must:

  • Be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) with 5 – 249 employees (part-time/full time).
  • Be an SME which is a manufacturing or tradable services company, located on the island of Ireland (North or South).
  • Be financially viable by demonstrating a minimum of £300k annual turnover to £40m (guided figure). Priority given to businesses with less 100 staff and less than £10m turnover.
  • Have a minimum 2 year trading history.
  • Be an SME indigenous to the island of Ireland.
  • Be an SME which is able to demonstrate the need for technical support through an InterTradeIreland Innovation programme.
  • Be an SME which is able to demonstrate the capacity and commitment to support an InterTradeIreland Innovation programme project at senior management level.
  • Have a business challenge that you have begun to address but need further support to develop an innovative solution into plan of adaption.

Please note: You will be working with an academic or industry specialist in the opposite jurisdiction to where your business is based.

Ineligible Sectors

Businesses involved in the following sectors are not considered eligible for funding: Wholesale/retail, distribution, tourism, hospitality, primary agriculture, personal services. Professional business services will only be considered where the proposed project will develop a product or service which will be traded internationally.

Areas not supported include sales and marketing, training, purchasing of equipment, business consultancy, business plans, website development and e-commerce platforms. This is not an exhaustive list as this programme is a Pilot. The funding support is for businesses engaging primarily in process improvement or product development.

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