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Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN)

How does it work?

HBAN is the all-island umbrella group for business angel networks. HBAN is focused on creating investor groups/syndicates across the island.

  1. Initial application
    First you need to register with the network and they will follow up with an initial call. If they think you have a strong proposition and a valid investment opportunity they will work with you to get you in front of their investor base.
  2. Preparation and investment pitch
    If there is sufficient interest, you will be invited to pitch at one of HBAN’s investor group meetings. Prior to your pitch, their advisors will give you some insight as to what investors want. They will also outline the tools to help you create a winning teaser document and Investor presentation. In addition you may also get:
    • Assistance to complete your documentation and help you prepare
    • The opportunity to be profiled on the HBAN website
    • Access to the networks investment community. HBAN may also issue your documentation to the registered HBAN angel networks throughout the island and your matched investors. They will also work with you to seek to arrange follow up meetings


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