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How would EU tariffs affect your business?

In the event of a no-deal Brexit the tariffs that the EU have registered with the World Trade Organisation would likely be applied to goods entering Ireland from Northern Ireland. The UK Government have indicated that it will not apply tariffs in the first instance to goods entering Northern Ireland from Ireland. This would be an interim measure only.

For a quick guide to the potential tariff for your product simply enter key words in the search box below. This will automatically generate the tariffs for products that match your search term.

For a more detailed tariff information which includes further details on any restrictions, quotas or special conditions relating to your product you may contact:

The Revenue Support:

Customs Overview:

Goods classification for customs:

HMRC Support:

Goods classification service:

Note: The data shown below is as a tariff guide only based on 2016 codes, and should not be used for final classification and trade decisions. For the latest information on current classification codes, quotas, and limitations please contact the Revenue and HMRC supports as stated above.

% Tariff
Charge per weight/unit

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