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Tariffs are custom taxes that governments levy on imported goods. The tax can be unit based and/or a % of the cost of the product. In effect they raise the price of the imported good. WTO tariffs are the default tariffs if a trade agreement is not reached between the EU and the UK by April 2019. 5,200 product lines are registered with the WTO with tariffs ranging from 0% to 80%.

Have you checked to see what the tariff might be on your products? (Note that more than 80% of products traded across the border have a WTO tariff of <10%). Contact to find out about the potential tariff on your product/s. Could small innovations in your product reduce the cost of tariffs, if introduced? InterTradeIreland can offer innovation advice to help your business make small innovations which may both add business value and reduce exposure to future changes in the EU-UK trading relationship. Contact the InterTradeIreland Brexit Advisory Service for advice on this at