• 1. Application

    • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • 2.Details of Lead Applicant Organisation

    • 3.Contact Details

    • 4.Title and Abstract for Publication

      Please provide a brief, public facing description of the project. Should your project be successful, this information will be made public once the award is confirmed. We reserve the right to amend the description before publication if necessary, but will consult you about any changes.
    • 5. Description of Proposed Idea/Technology

      Please provide brief description of your proposed idea/technology and how this addresses the outcomes as described in the competition documentation. Also document the current state of development or readiness of the idea. You may wish to attach an image or diagram separately with the application form.
    • 6. Technical Project Summary

      Please give a short background to the key technical challenges. State what the innovation is and the key technical deliverables. Briefly describe how the challenge will be addressed.
    • 7. Current State of the Art and Intellectual Property

      Detailing other products on the market and the novelty of the proposed project; include details of any other existing IP and its significance to your freedom to operate
    • 8. Project Plan and Methodology

    • 8. Continued Project Management

      Identify the project management processes that will ensure milestones are achieved and describe key risks (in the categories of technical, commercial and environmental) and mitigation actions.
    • 9. Technical Team and Expertise

      Please provide a brief description of your technical team. Include the expertise of each member relevant to this application and the proportion of their time that they will be spending on the project.
    • 10. Application Finances

      A summary of the finances for the first phase of this project for the contractor and any subcontractors should be provided in the table below. In addition, please provide a justification of the costs of the project.
    • Unit Cost
    • Quantity
    • Total Costs (£)
    • Labour Costs
    • Materials Costs
    • Capital Equipment Costs
    • Sub Contract Costs
    • Travel & Subsistence Cost
    • Indirect Costs (specify)
    • Other Costs (Specify)
    • Total Costs (inc VAT)
    • Payment Year 1 (Months)
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 10. Continued - Cost Justification

      Justification of costs: (All costs should include VAT). Please note the Assessors are required to judge the application finances, in terms of value for money i.e. does the proposed cost for effort and deliverables reflect a fair market price. Please indicate potential costs involved in participating in Phase 2. Progression to Phase 2 is dependent upon successfully completing Phase 1 and submitting a successful Phase 2 application.
    • 11. Commercial Potential

      Describe how you would realise the proposed commercial solution and the relevant timescales. Describe the competitive advantage which this technology affords over existing/alternate technologies that can meet the market needs
    • 12. Declaration

      By applying, the lead applicant is consenting to the terms and conditions of the draft contract as set out in competition document Document 06: SBRI Sample Contract. The lead applicant is expected to have discussed the application within their own organisation and any other body whose co-operation will be required to deliver the project. The lead applicant will need to obtain consent from an authorised officer or appropriate signatory who will sign the contract if successful. The contract is a legally binding document and subject to the outcome of this competition. By submitting this application you acknowledge that you have read the statement above, that the information given in this application is complete and that you are actively engaged in this project and responsible for its overall management and agree to administer the award if made. You are also confirming that you have read and understood the relevant explanatory materials i.e. the Invitation to Tender and the Guidance Notes.