Interview - Why Elevate works for first time exporters

In this interview on “In Business” with Radio Kerry, Programme Manager Alison Currie sets out the benefits of the cross-border market. Alison also highlights all the support that’s available – inncluding £5k/€5.5 K funding for specialist Sales and Marketing support via the Elevate initiative.

About the Elevate programme

If you are a Micro-Enterprise looking to identify cross-border markets and customers to win new business you’re in the right place. There is £5k/€5.5 K  funding for specialist Sales and Marketing support to grow your business with the Elevate Programme. It’s a simple application process and you will benefit from bespoke advice.


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Elevate support

The Elevate Programme continues to be relevant post the BREXIT referendum.  The exact nature of any New Trade Agreements as a result of Brexit are still unknown.  Whatever the outcome, now is the time to get a foothold in the cross-border market.It will be more advantageous to evolve your business model in a newly secured market as regulations change than to attempt that foothold in a newly changed market place.

Specifically aimed at Micro-Enterprises, Elevate has an expert panel of Sales Advisors offering specific expertise to help you to identify and capitalise on the significant cross-border sales opportunities that exist on your doorstep.

Up to £5,000/ €5500 (Including VAT)  worth of consultancy time is available to you.  You choose the Advisor that suits your business needs and they will work with you to develop a winning sales plan and fast track your cross-border exporting journey.  It is 100% funded by InterTradeIreland and the application process is very simple.

The Elevate Support is available for:

  • Assessment of in-house sales capability and skills
  • Export Readiness assessment of the business
  • Identification of sales leads/prospects
  • Development of a cross-border sales and marketing plan
  • Advice and guidance on design of marketing materials


  • £5k/€5.5k in support
  • 100% funded
  • Simple application process
  • One to One advice

Elevate testimonials

Sales Growth on your Doorstep brochure

PDF, 546 KB, 7th May 2019

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Elevate enquiries

Roisin Keenan will handle your enquiry. You can get in touch directly by email roisin.keenan@intertradeireland.com, by phone 028 3083 4129 (048 from Ireland), or by using the form below.

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