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Full Time Sales Person

Support towards employing a full-time sales person

Many businesses face the challenge of funding and recruiting a dedicated professional to win sales in the cross-border market – and, here again, Acumen can help. Acumen will fund up to 50% of the cost of a Sales Person’s salary in the first year. The maximum cost covered can be up to €37,500/£30,000 with Acumen paying up to €18,750/£15,000.

Acumen will work with you to:

  • Establish if there is a viable medium-term opportunity – and if the opportunity can be sustained in the long term
  • Provide assistance and advice on the recruitment process and methodology
  • Draw up a plan to integrate new sales appointee and ensure that s/he is adequately supported and trained
  • Provide advice on how to retain new appointees

Typical Outcomes

Companies who have availed of the Full–Time Sales Person Support typically report:

  • Identification of weaknesses in existing cross-border market arrangements, the development and implementation of a corrective strategy;
  • Increased penetration of the cross-border market;
  • Substantial increase in sales yield;
  • Increased brand presence and profile to allow longer-term development

Apply for funding

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Alison Currie will handle your enquiry. You can get in touch directly by email, by phone 028 3083 4110 (048 from Ireland) or by using the form below.

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