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Aidan Gough

Name Aidan Gough
Role Designated Accounting Officer & Director of Strategy & Policy


Aidan Gough is currently the Designated Officer and Director of Strategy and Policy.  In his role as Designated Officer Aidan acts as Accounting Officer for the Body with full responsibility.  As Strategy and Policy Director, Aidan advises on collaborative strategy, policy and initiatives to help InterTradeIreland in boosting North/South economic co-operation to the mutual benefit of both economies on the island.

Aidan leads InterTradeIreland’s policy and research team to identify areas where joint Government intervention can help to create an environment where it is easier to do business and increase the competitiveness of individual businesses and the island in the global economy.

Aidan is a graduate of Queen’s University, Belfast with an MBA and MSc in Economics. Prior to joining InterTradeIreland in 2000, Aidan was Director of the Northern Ireland Economic Council.

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