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Mapping the Cyber Island report

The Mapping the Cyber Island report seeks to shed light on the North/South linkages and connections of the cyber security industry, and the potential supports required to buttress the sector as it develops towards one of importance in the Republic and Northern Ireland.

The mapping exercise was carried out using the V-LINC method to analyse the linkages and connections which cyber security firms in both the Republic and Northern Ireland engage in from local, cross border and international perspectives.

A sample of firms who are members of NI Cyber and Cyber Ireland clusters were interviewed to understand the functioning of the ecosystem for cyber security firms on the Island of Ireland. The V-LINC interviews also sought to ascertain current levels of trade and interest in collaborative opportunities to further connect the sector in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Mapping the Cyber Island sets out a pathway upon which Cyber Ireland and NI Cyber can embrace the present challenges faced by the cyber security sector, their members and take advantage of the enterprise and job creation opportunities flowing from these global technological developments. This report develops a series of recommendations designed to address some of the complex challenges currently facing Cyber Ireland and NI Cyber cluster members associated with sustaining and growing the number of people employed in this sector.

Cyber security is a growing sector across the island and both government recognise the importance of this sector. The report make recommendations specific to each cluster and jurisdiction and concludes by presenting the areas where firms interviewed as part of the study believe there are opportunities for collaboration between the both clusters.

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