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A V-LINC Analysis of the Irish South West Cyber Security Ecosystem

InterTradeIreland has supported research which represents a collaboration between the Cork Institute of Technology and Cyber Ireland who partnered to apply V-LINC to the cyber security specialisation in Ireland.

Ireland’s cyber security industry employs over 6,500 people and includes many of the world’s top security software companies as well as a growing SME sector.

In the report, V-LINC, a methodology which identifies, records and analyses the linkages that firms in clusters engage in, was applied to the concentration of the Cyber Security Sector in the South West of Ireland who are members of the Cyber Ireland cluster. As the South West Cyber Security sector develops and expands, it is important that industry players, business support organisations, and policy makers understand how the ecosystem operates both within the South West of Ireland, and amongst its external relationships forged beyond the region, so that collaboratively, they can deliver growth and employment through supportive policy.

The paper outlines a number of recommendations to develop the Irish cyber security sector. This report should be read in conjunction with the Mapping the Cyber Island report which considers both cyber security ecosystems in Ireland and Northern Ireland and makes recommendations for all island collaboration.

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