US-Ireland R&D: Partners

Collaborative innovative projects across three jurisdictions

The aim of the Partnership is to promote collaborative innovative projects amongst researchers across the three jurisdictions.

Advancing this programme of cooperation and collaboration requires the input and commitment of a range of partners including Government Departments, who provide direct and indirect support and Funding Agencies who will manage support for the development of proposals, their competitive peer review and subsequent funding.

Critical to the success of the Partnership is the Steering Group which is comprised of senior government officials, academic and business interests from the three jurisdictions. The function of the Steering Group is to oversee the strategic and operational aspects of the Partnership and to guide, monitor and evaluate the collaborative efforts. The Steering Group is supported by a Secretariat, provided by InterTradeIreland, the cross-border business development body.

Ultimately, the success of the US-Ireland R&D Partnership will be dependent upon the personal scientific exchanges of the research community across the three jurisdictions and their collaborative efforts to generate value-added proposals that can compete for funding. The research community has already played a significant role in making recommendations to the Steering Group on the scientific themes and issues to be addressed in each research area.


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