Horizon 2020: Travel Vouchers

Helping you to collaborate across borders

InterTradeIreland’s Horizon 2020 travel schemes support those working on a cross-border basis in Horizon 2020 to travel both on the island and across the EU.

The Cross-Border Collaboration Voucher offers up to £500 to early-stage partnerships travelling across Ireland and Northern Ireland to scope out potential project ideas. We can even help identify potential partners for you – just contact horizon2020@intertradeireland.com or download an application form from this page.

The EU Voucher offers up to £350 per cross-border partner travelling to Horizon 2020 related events, consortium meetings or EU Commission brokerage events. Just select the relevant event from the calendar below or let us know about an alternative event on your application form.

‘The UK government has committed to underwrite Horizon 2020 funding for all successful UK bids submitted before exit, even if they are notified of their success after exit, for the lifetime of the projects.  UK participants that receive Horizon 2020 funding from the European Commission or have submitted a bid before EU exit and are notified of their success after exit will be covered by the underwrite guarantee, for the lifetime of the projects. The continued participation of UK entities in Horizon 2020 projects after exit in a no deal scenario would depend on the details and mechanism of participation as a third country.’  For full information go to https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-participation-in-horizon-2020-uk-government-overview

Cross-border Collaboration Vouchers

The cross-border collaboration voucher can be redeemed against the cost of travel or accommodation for up to £500/€550 when meeting with partners or potential partners in the other jurisdiction with a view to engaging in Horizon 2020

1 Complete a short application form

Applicants are asked to fill in all sections of the form and submit the completed application via email to anne.mcminn@intertradeireland.com

Download the relevant application form from the table below.

2 Assessment & approval

Your application will be assessed within 2 weeks and if approved you will be notified immediately.

3 Getting started

Once approved, you will receive an expenses claim form to be used to redeem the voucher.  The voucher is then valid for a period of six months.

Vouchers are limited so please submit your application early to avoid disappointment.

EU Travel Vouchers

The EU travel voucher can be redeemed against the cost of travel or accommodation for up to £350 or the Euro equivalent including VAT to each partner to cover costs of accommodation and travel.  The purpose of this scheme is to facilitate existing North South partnerships to travel to consortium meetings, information days and other events to meet with the European Commission and potential partners from other EU member states.

The application process is the same as that in the cross-border collaboration section above.

Vouchers are limited so please submit your application early to avoid disappointment.

Application forms

File Type Size Date
CB Application Form Academics

156 KB 19th December 2019
CB Application Form Companies

160 KB 14th August 2019
EU Application Form H2020

174 KB 14th August 2019

Horizon 2020 Enquiries

Grainne Lennon will handle your enquiry. You can get in touch directly by email Grainne.Lennon@InterTradeIreland.com or by using the form below.

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