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Seed Finance Workshops in association with Queens University

  • Date:
    Monday 11th, 18th & 25th October 10am - 12pm
  • Location:
  • Price:


Seed Finance Workshops I, II and III will run over three sessions as follows:

  1. Monday 11th October 10am-12pm
  2. Monday 18th October 10am-12pm
  3. Monday 25th October 10am-12pm

By registering you will receive a Zoom link for each of the three sessions.

The workshops are aimed at early stage start-up companies seeking to raise business angel or venture capital finance. They will be delivered by our Lead Equity Advisor, Drew O’Sullivan.


Sources of Finance
  • Angel/Venture Capital a source of capital, but only one of several - Who are they – HBAN, VCs etc.
  • Expectations of Angel, VC (their Limited Partner expectations) - For what kind of company…
  • Why think like an Angel/VC?
What Angel/VC look for, deck/plan
  • Prepare to win…
  • Deck outline
Investment Terms
  • Process – Preparation, VC qualification, materials
  • Termsheet - Process
  • Key terms – Control, Economics
Evolution of Cap Table
  • Impact of Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • The PromoteCashflow Forecasting
  • Get Customers cash sooner and Pay Suppliers Later
  • Sales Pipeline Forecasting
Business Models
  • Customer Funded
  • Investor Funded
Business Planning Insights
  • BackCasting
  • Unit Economics
  • Venture Model
Power of Pricing, Profitability & Value
  • Impact of Increased Gross Profit
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