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Seed Finance Workshops in association with New Frontiers

  • Date:
    Wednesday 25th May, 1st and 8th June 10.00am - 13.00pm
  • Location:
    via Zoom
  • Price:


Seed Finance Workshops I, II and III will run over three sessions as follows:

  1. Wednesday 25th May 10.00am - 12.00pm
  2. Wednesday 1st June 10.00am - 12.00pm
  3. Wednesday 8th June 10.00am - 12.00pm

By registering you will receive a Zoom link for each of the three sessions.

The workshops are aimed at early stage start-up companies seeking to raise business angel or venture capital finance. They will be delivered by our Lead Equity Advisor, Drew O’Sullivan.


Sources of Finance

Angel/Venture Capital a source of capital, but only one of several - Who are they – HBAN, VCs etc.

Expectations of Angel, VC (their Limited Partner expectations) - For what kind of company…

Why think like an Angel/VC?

What Angel/VC look for, deck/plan

Prepare to win…

Deck outline

Investment Terms

Process – Preparation, VC qualification, materials

Termsheet - Process

Key terms – Control, Economics

Evolution of Cap Table

Impact of Employee Stock Ownership Plan

The PromoteCashflow Forecasting

Get Customers cash sooner and Pay Suppliers Later

Sales Pipeline Forecasting

Business Models

Customer Funded

Investor Funded

Business Planning Insights


Unit Economics


Venture Model

Power of Pricing, Profitability & Value

Impact of Increased Gross Profit

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