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Disruptive Innovation for SMEs

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    28th September 2021, 12:00pm - 01:00pm
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Hope in the Disruptive Labyrinth: Tips for navigating Purpose and Power

Matthew will share some simple, and fast-flowing tips from recent work in disruptive innovation. He will pay particular attention to specific - often neglected - issues of leveraging Purpose and Power in innovation.

Matthew will discuss why purpose matters for innovation, by critiquing why we need to innovate, what impacts we intend in our innovations and who the intended ‘good’ is for. He will share a short series of anecdotes on themes like

  • Unintended consequences for the business model
  • Inhumane human capital management
  • Big brother is auditing
  • The misplaced hope of greener grass
  • Defining horizons of innovation

In order to explore these questions of purpose-led innovation, followed by a few extra ‘cherries’ and ‘mines’ for participants to reflect upon.

Matthew will also discuss the challenges for managing power in innovation. As with purpose, he will share a short series of anecdotes on themes like managing

  • Group-think, same old, same old
  • Losing that loving feeling with product and customer
  • Organising your own surprise innovation party
  • Big bucks, big expectations, big players

As with purpose, this will be followed by a few extra power ‘cherries’ and ‘mines’ for participants to reflect upon.

The second part of the session will be an Q&A interaction where participants can engage in deeper enquiry on their own needs, experiences and key takeaways.

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