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Business solutions

Emergency Business Solutions

Emergency Business Solutions

Professional advice, to the value of £2,000/€2,250 inc VAT (100% funded), is available for cross-border companies to address key business challenges related to Covid-19.

Support is provided for the following:

  • Guidance and direction to relevant government supports and help in applying where feasible.
  • Emergency cash flow, people, supply chain.
  • Completion of lending applications for loan supports.
  • Legal Issues (HR, employment and redundancy advice, contracts, advice on leases).
  • Help businesses diversify to offer other products or services.
  • Health and Safety / Business Risk.
  • Rapidly repositioning your business strategy.
  • Staff Training (eg completion of Covid risk assessments; Impact of Covid on Health & Wellbeing; Recruitment & Selection; Effective Management)

Practical examples of how some companies are using this support are:

  • Reviewing the employee handbook and ensuring HR policies and employee contracts are up to date.
  • Looking at product delays, longer lead times, and looking at the right things to focus on to sustain profit margins.
  • Projections and the impact of changes to agreed trading terms of payments receipts.
  • How to manage staff working from home, juggling onsite and offsite requirements.
  • Covid Risk register reviews, help with health and safety information logs and help with review of processes used for monitoring & contact tracing and checks on adherence to policies.

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