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  • Contact Name:
    Rory Mulvaney
  • Address:
    Newry , Down
  • Email Address:
  • Telephone:
    +44 (0)28 3089 8358
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About the Service Provider

Mulvaney, is a global provider of corporate and trust services founded and led by Managing Director, Rory Mulvaney. Strategically located in the border city of Newry and with branch offices in Belfast and Dublin, Mulvaney is ideally placed to provide bespoke consulting and professional advisory services to a range of individuals and enterprises in light of Britain’s exit from the European Union. As Britain enters into a transitional period of negotiation, the long-term trade and regulatory ramifications are still somewhat unknown, however, Mulvaney comprises an informed team of legal, tax and accounting professionals with a wealth of cross-border and international experience to guide you through this period of uncertainty as seamlessly as possible.