Horizon 2020

Are you an SME with ambition to grow and internationalise?

InterTradeIreland is helping companies and researchers from Ireland and Northern Ireland to collaborate in Horizon 2020, the European Commission’s 7 year, €80billion, Research and Innovation programme designed to boost jobs and growth across Europe.

The programme aims to do this by engaging industry so scientific ideas can be turned into viable products and services.  As a result, the European Commission are encouraging participation from highly-innovative SMEs with a strong ambition to grow and internationalise, regardless of whether they are high-tech and research-driven or non-research conducting, social or services companies.

Funding provided by Horizon 2020 is easier to access thanks to simpler, streamlined programmes, a single set of rules and less red tape. For more information visit http://ec.europa.eu/research/horizon2020/index_en.cfm


UK’s exit from the EU

The UK government provided guidance in December 2018 to researchers, universities and businesses on collaboration on Horizon 2020 after EU exit including details of the Underwrite Guarantee and the Post EU Exit Guarantee Extension if the withdrawal agreement is ratified.  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/766510/horizon-2020-government-overview-december-2018-update.pdf

And subsequent guidance on Horizon 2020 funding if there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/horizon-2020-funding-if-theres-no-brexit-deal/horizon-2020-funding-if-theres-no-brexit-deal–2

We encourage any current or future H2020 applicants to carefully read this guidance.  Further updates will be posted as soon as they become available.

Travel Vouchers

InterTradeIreland’s Horizon 2020 travel schemes support those working on a cross-border basis in Horizon 2020 to travel both on the island and across the EU.

The Cross-Border Collaboration Voucher

Offers up to £500 to early-stage partnerships travelling across Ireland and Northern Ireland to scope out potential project ideas. We can even help identify potential partners for you.



The EU Voucher

Offers up to £350 per cross-border partner travelling to Horizon 2020 related events, consortium meetings or EU Commission brokerage events.



Thinking of applying for H2020 funding? Find out more about the application process by watching the videos below, where project co-ordinators share their experience.

Guide to Horizon 2020

The InterTradeIreland Guide to Horizon 2020 is a useful desktop resource aimed at all Horizon 2020 participants on the island.

The Guide offers up to date information on the Horizon 2020 programme and outlines the benefits of co-operation as well as providing sign-posting to the contact points for Horizon 2020 in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

PDF, 2 MB, 23rd March 2018

Horizon 2020 Enquiries

The InterTradeIreland enquiry and advice service can help you find cross-border partners for Horizon 2020 and connect with the relevant National Contact Point or Northern Ireland Contact Point for your area. Enquiry forms are available on request by email.

Grainne Lennon will handle your enquiry. You can get in touch directly by email Grainne.Lennon@InterTradeIreland.com or by using the form below.

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